Easier to be a vegetarian in China?

Kevin de laplante, an independent critical thinking educator and also the creator of the Critical Thinker Academy, was invited to Xidian University to give several speakings to the students. I believe that the students were benefited very much by his talking regarding the Elements of Genuine Science Literacy, the  Biodiversity-Ecosystem Function Debate, and Why Critical Thinking Is A Martial Art.

Since he had stayed at the university for about two weeks, and as he had observed the life styles there, it is reasonable that he thinks it is easier to be a vegetarian in China. When people walk into a food store, it is true that there are huge amounts of diversified vegetable supplies like these in walking distance.

market 1

(Privately-owned vegetable stores are in waking distance everywhere.)

market 2

(Vegetable counters in a supermarket with meat production on the upper left corner.)

I would agree with him  on this issue five years ago. However, statistics from UN Food and Agriculture Organization shows that meat consumption in China increases dramatically, which means it is becoming more difficult to be a vegetarian in China now, probably due to the reasons like the majority people living an urban life style, people buying food resources from the commercial food industry but not producing food by themselves, also the country declaring to improve the living standard with which more meat consumption means a higher life quality (It is understandable though).

But I think when Kevin says it is easier to be a vegetarian in China, he might mean that the way the Chinese people cook the meals is more healthful. Look at the following photoes to see how green the meals are.


(A meal without meat. Price: about $1.0.)


(A meal with half meat. Price: about $1.2.)


(A meal with a mass of meat. Price: about $1.6.)

Which one would you like? Eat green. It keeps you fit and saves your money.


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