Convenient​ Food Store Next to the Discount Tire

This very Wednesday morning, after I sent my 10 years old boy to his school, I took my car to the Discount Tire. Yesterday afternoon, when I picked him from the school, one kind mom told me, that my car had a flat front tire and I should take it to the Discount Tire to get some air in it. “It is free!” She addressed. I know it is free. Immediately after I bought this used Volvo about a year ago, I changed one of the four tires due to its bad conditions at the Discount Tire. After that, I came to the same Discount Tire store to get free air and to ask the employees about my other tires, basically, my concerns about the used tires of a used car.

This morning, it is raining. There is a plan for today, to fix the tires and also probably, to get car maintenance from Kwik. Another store provides me service.

The other day, I mentioned in my energy class, I do not use my cell phone very much even though I have a phone number in the states. Mackenzie said it is true. Because sometimes she tried to contact me, and she failed. Then she had to leave a message on my facebook messenger.

It is sad that I can choose not to use a cell-phone, but I cannot choose not to drive a car. I still remember the first semester here. I struggled and survived with my then 9 years old boy with public transportation and our bicycles. Each week, there were two days, we had to ride bicycles to get back home. I missed the days when I could take the commuter bus to work. I could have chosen to live close enough to the bus stations. I could have chosen to live to the other side of West Hickory Street. I could have chosen to walk across the street to enter the Environmental Science Building.

To some point, when I chose not to live across the West Hickory or close to the bus station I had made a hidden promise that someday, like today, I had to take my car to the Discount Tire, and any other place which could provide a service to my “modern” life.

That is where I am now. Burger King next to the Discount Tire. After I write a paper to talk about the risks of global biocultural homogenization, I come to this convenient food store for breakfast. You could see the cover of the creamer:




Thanks for the assiduous spirit of the commercial, I am free from hunger.

Pretty soon, my two front tires are changed to new ones. And I am ready to go.

Toward my continuity in this stabilized modern life.

Personal life choices matter to the planet earth. I eventually figure it out and feel regretful for my hasty choice at the very beginning. I was a smart girl and achieved first place in 7 grade due to my academic performance. After that, I cannot stop seeking.


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