Thanks to the oncoming car light!

People say that in Texas spring we should prepare for the thunderstorm. This Tuesday, I had the first impression of what this means. I got more than twenty emergency alerts about tornado and flash flood in one hour, “Take shelter now”. Warning. Warning. Warning. We went to the first floor, gathered in a large classroom, and took shelter. Students were on their phones or computers. At some point, several of them began to talk. “Thunderstorm has one benefit. It helps reunion.” One of them said. It is true most of the time. Students and graduates hide in their classroom and offices. We do not talk.

Yesterday. It was the last day of energy class. Adam released us earlier. At eight, we were ready to go home. MW and I talked a little bit about our coming reunion time. She will leave Denton in several days. It is hard to say whether we would meet again very soon. I talked about my exams and my anxiety. It was raining and lightning outside. I felt like I should wait a while to go home.

Then, at 10 pm, I was ready to take my boy back to Argyle home, the temporary place I rent. The rains and lightning showed no sign to stop. We had to go. We walked downstairs, the building was empty. My car was the only one in the parking lot. I had to make the wiper move very frequently to see the road. I grunt that I hope there are cars on the road. We drove on 35 and then 377. My own car light it not bright at all. Very few cars were on the roads. And I did not see any car behind me. After I turn to 377, it was even darker. Very occasionally, the flashes of lightning tore the sky and the earth was white as the day. I drove at 40mils speed in the darkness. It is a strange experience, a strong feeling of loneliness, and a slight of awe. In this fear and dread, we drove in the downpour of rain at night. The lights of the oncoming cars gave me a lot of solaces. They were very few, but they were such a relief that I realized we were not truly lonely.

I hoped my car light also gave other people solace. I was the other who was also driving in a perilous night.


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