These are some charity programs concerning forest restoration, forest preservation, cultural heritage in the forest, and so on.

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  • USA,  Save the Redwoods League, founded in 1918. According to the official site, “The mission of Save the Redwoods League is to protect and restore redwood forests and connect people with their peace and beauty so these wonders of the natural world flourish.”
  • 美国,保护红杉联盟,发起于1918年。 该联盟的主要使命是保护与恢复红杉森林,将人们与森林的安宁与美连接起来,以让自然界的奇妙得以繁荣。
  • China Green Foundation, Million Forest Program, donate 10 Yuan you get a tree. The program utilizes the fund to plant Seabuckthorn in China West, help local people to fight against desertification, poverty and improve their environment.
  • 中国绿化基金会,百万森林项目,10元一棵树,通过筹款在中国西部种植百万沙棘树,帮助当地贫困地区人口减缓沙漠化、改善生态环境、增加收入。
  • UNESCO Beijing Office & Mercedes-Benz Star Fund, Let Nature Take Its Course, devote to the preservation of Three Parallel River of Yunnan Protected Areas, Yaan Panda Habitat, Lushan, and some other forest and cultulral sites.
  • 联合国教科文组织与梅赛德斯-奔驰星愿基金,自然之道 奔驰之道,致力于保护云南三江并流保护区、雅安熊猫栖息地、庐山、武夷山,以及其他一些森林与文化的遗址。
  • USA, Archangel Ancient Tree Archive focusing on three main areas of activity: Propagation, Reforesting, Archiving. With propagation, they clone the largest and oldest trees on earth.  They have already succeeded to reforest some coast redwoods and giant sequoias in Oregon.  By archive, they save genetics for future generations.
  • 美国,天使长古树档案,主要集中于三个方面:培养,再造林,存档。通过培养,地球上的最大与最古老的树被克隆。他们已经成功地对美国俄勒冈州的沿海岸的红木林与巨红杉进行再造。通过存档,他们为后代保存了古树的基因。