• Can you believe there is a bar inside the Baobab tree? This big Baobab in South Africa was said to be over 1700 years old. Click here to go its webpage.
  • 树里面有个酒吧,逆天了吧!南非这棵猴面包树据说已经有1700余岁了。点击去它网页。
  • A 4000 year old cypress in Yazd province, Iran, is a national monument. Click.
  • 伊朗亚兹德一棵4000岁上下的古柏,据说都成了了民族丰碑了。点击。
  • In Sicily, Italy, the Hundred Horse Chestnut,  is believed to be the largest and oldest known chestnut tree in the world. The reason it is called “Hundred Horse Chestnut”, lies on the legend that it once protected Giovanna I of Aragon, the Queen of Naples, and her one hundred knights and their horses from a rainstorm. Amazing! Right? It reminds me the similar stories attributed to some ancient trees in China. Click.
  • 意大利的西西里的一棵树,据说是世界上已知最老的且最大的栗树,名之曰“百马栗树”。之所以号之“百马栗树”是因为一个传说,据说那不勒斯的女皇,阿拉贡的乔凡娜一世,带领百名骑士在一次风暴中曾经得到这棵树的庇护。神奇吧。呵呵,类似的古树中国也有许多呢。后面继续晒古树,就都知道了哈。点击。